Who is AHRT?

Michael – Founder | Analyst

Well, he doesn’t have years of ‘professional’ form analysis behind him, he hasn’t become famous from commentating on TV shows or sports podcasts (as yet), and he wasn’t going to the track as a kid instead of attending school. He is a successful business owner who has developed profitable selection methods out of a hobby of 20 years. His other hobby is flying small planes, but that is another story!

Michael lives in South Australia with his wife and children.

Kel – Sidekick

If you were following horse racing about 15 years ago you may have heard of Placegetters. That was Kel’s gig at the time. He was also a Management Consultant in a former life and lived in Japan for many years before moving to the north of Thailand in 2011. A friendship formed over the past several years, and a mutual passion for horse racing has brought Kel out of semi-retirement to work with Michael on this venture.

Our approach to finding selections

We consider the best value for our methods is available on Sunday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and at 43 venues across Australia. On average there are around 70 selections per month (on our Complete package service) and 16 trading days per month.

We DO NOT provide selections for the sake of having a bet, so there will be days without selections, and one of our golden rules is IDSO – In Doubt Stay Out!

Our strategy to wager selections

  • Wager 1% of your daily starting bank on each selection
  • Withdraw profits after each trading day when available and providing the bank is greater than the initial START bank. The wager is adjusted at the start of each trading day.

It is a simple strategy, with no bells and whistles, mirrors or smokescreen that you get with other selections and ratings services. ALL of our past profit results reflect that strategy. It is not rocket science, and it does not require complicated investment strategies and spreadsheets, or sophisticated mathematical formulae. We also offer a guarantee – check it out here!

All past results are available here.

How to Make the Most Profit from your Selections!

Professional Punting is not just about selecting winners, it’s about selecting winners that offer value and achieving the best dividends available. One of the best ways we achieve that is by utilising Betfair.

We recommend you consider the advantages of Betfair. We have no affiliation with Betfair and they are our preferred bookie. Given our average dividend over the long-term is well above $5.00, we usually take SP (Starting Price), although fixing dividends where you can is an approach you should consider if you have the time. Regular online bookies like Sportsbet are happy to take money from those who are unaware of how to get the most from their wagering, so be wary of the special offers to rope you in to open betting accounts.

Detailed past results published on the AHRT website show the best of 3 totes as these prices are verifiable …. unlike many other subscription sites, we have nothing to hide! All our past results are available for you to view at any time!

People sometimes ask us why we publish regular TAB results.

In short, we want you be able to confirm for yourself the lowest possible prices that were paid on our past selections. Given our subscribers are all around the country and overseas using various betting services, it wouldn’t be fair to only publish a single TAB price.

Many AHRT clients will make more than the prices shown by using different bookies, including Betfair and some of the better on-course bookmakers, so it does pay to shop around. You may choose to use a few different bookies and play one against the other. Hopefully one of them will offer you the price you want, and you can relax knowing that whatever money is put on the TAB and brings down the TOTE prices by those who don’t understand the benefit of taking fixed dividends, you have secured yourself a value bet.

The AHRT subscription services currently include trading on Sunday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. The selections will be forwarded each trading day by email – and SMS if requested – by around 11:00am (CDST) and certainly well before the first race of the day in which there is a qualified selection. If there are no selections on the day – and that does happen as we never have a bet for the sake of it – we will send you a message to let you know, so you are not left wondering.

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