PAST results

We have provided all of our past selections for perusal (with average tote prices) – scroll down to download full results for each service – along with collated totals for each month since November 2017 when we commenced trading these methods – refer to the table below. You can download the results  by clicking the links below, and when you are ready to start your FREE trial on one of our services click here.

These results reflect a strategy based upon a $5,000 bank and just 1% of the bank wagered on each selection, withdrawing profits after each trading day when available and providing the bank is greater than the initial START bank. The wager is adjusted at the start of each trading day. Although we trade on Betfair, the prices and result displayed are reflecting the average dividends of 3 totes.

Contact us to find out what would have happened under different scenarios. Just let us know your bank size and preferred % of bank and we will send you the ‘What If’ for your preferred approach.


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Based on a $5,000 starting bank and wagering a max 1% of the starting bank per selection

(AWD = Average Win Dividend of 3 totes)

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