• Do you offer FREE tips?
    • Yes, we do. And unlike most other Australian horse racing services, we offer a 1-month FREE period to sample our selections first-hand in real-time. All selections will be sent via email and SMS. You can commence the FREE trial by clicking here.
  • Do you offer a guarantee of profits?
    • YES, we do! Click here to read about it.
    • Keep in mind that method wins all the time. It is statistically impossible.
    • But what we do offer by way of guarantee is that, if our selections do not show a profit based on 1 unit at ‘best of 3’ tote prices for the period of your subscription, we will refund your subscription fee in full (100%) providing you do not cancel your subscription. Simple, and fair to all concerned. The guarantee and refund policies are based on your agreement to continue your subscription with us. If continuity of subscription is broken, the guarantee and refund policy is void.
    • By way of example, if you start a FREE trial with us on a 1-month subscription basis on the 12th of the month you will get 1-month of selections before your card is charged on the 11th of the following month. If during that trial period, a profit was not made on the basis mentioned above, we will immediately refund 100% of your subscription fee providing you do not cancel your subscription with us.
    • Cancellation of a subscription will result in immediate cessation of selections sent to you.
  • What is your recommended wagering strategy:
    • Wager 1% of your daily starting bank on each selection
    • Withdraw profits after each trading day when available and providing the bank is greater than the initial START bank. The wager is adjusted at the start of each trading day.
  • Do you pick more than 1 horse in a race?
    • Yes, sometimes there will be 2 or more horses selected in a race. In fact, since November 2017 that has occurred many times, and we have had the occasional race with 4 or 5 selections. If our methods select multiple runners in a race, we wager them all. We don’t ‘Dutch bet’ them … we wager the same amount on all of them. History tells it is profitable to do so given the high average win dividends that our selections achieve.
  • Do you offer a ratings service?
    • No, we don’t. We have our own ratings that we apply as part of our methodology for making our selections, but for now that will remain in-house.
  • Why don’t you provide selections every day? What days do you trade?
    • The data has shown us that our methods work best on the venues we have identified as worth the risk, and on the days we have identified. The service covers Sunday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday race days on thoroughbred racing in Australia only.
  • There are a heap of racing venues in Australia. Why not every venue?
    • Not all venues are the same. The variations are significant. Given there are over 150 thoroughbred racing venues throughout Australia (over 300 if you count non-Tab venues), attempting to look at too many venues would be foolish.
  • Is it true that bookies close betting accounts if you win all the time? What is the solution?
    • One of our analysts had their bet365 account closed, and with no explanations offered by bet365, but we know the real reason. Quite simply, our selections win, and profits are not what the bookies want! So how do you deal with that …. stick with BetFair.
  • What subscription services do you offer?

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