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Our guarantee

At AustralianHorseRacingTips.com.au we are confident that you will make money from following our selections provided you follow our recommended strategy. And that strategy is simple! We suggest:

  • Wager 1% of your daily starting bank on each selection
  • Withdraw profits after each trading day when available and providing the bank is greater than the initial START bank. The wager is adjusted at the start of each trading day.

It is a simple strategy, with no bells and whistles, mirrors or smokescreen that you get with many other selections and ratings services. ALL of our past profit results reflect our simple strategy. It is not rocket science, and it does not require complicated investment calculations and spreadsheets, or sophisticated mathematical formulae.

What we offer by way of guarantee is this:

If our selections do not show a profit based on 1 unit at ‘best of 3’ tote prices for the period of your subscription, we will refund your subscription fee in full (100%) providing you do not cancel your subscription. Simple, and fair to all concerned. The guarantee and refund policies are based on your agreement to continue your subscription with us. If continuity of subscription is broken, the guarantee and refund policy is void.

By way of example, if you start a FREE trial with us on a 1-month subscription basis on the 12th of the month you will get 1-month of selections before your card is charged on the 11th of the following month. If during that trial period, a profit was not made on the basis mentioned above, we will immediately refund 100% of your subscription fee providing you do not cancel your subscription with us.

Cancellation of a subscription will result in immediate cessation of selections sent to you.

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Take the gamble out of horse racing and follow AustralianHorseRacingTips.com.au